What is it about?

    What would you do and who would you be if you were 1% more courageous?

    We bring together high school girls and professional women for a day filled with possibility and courage. With keynote speakers, panelists, break-out groups, workshops, and spontaneous dancing, each girl walks away present to not only what they think is possible, but also what they know is attainable in their own life. Our professional women gain an exclusive network as a community of thought leaders, a platform to share their creations, work, wisdom, and most importantly, realize the power they each hold as a woman at the forefront of today's society.


    Who attends?

    High school junior & senior girls and women like you

    Junior or Senior girls nominated by a high school counselor, teacher, or mentor are invited to attend the summit. Come and find professional women with breakthrough performance in what are considered "unconventional" pathways toward success. From entrepreneurs to creatives, quiet builders to movers and shakers, attendees include start-up leaders, high school administrators and counselors, University representatives, and social impact enthusiasts.


    Want to nominate a high schooler?
    Tell us here.

    Where is it?

    Meet us in the concrete jungles of NYC.

    Catalyze Courage Summit 2017 will be held in General Assembly, New York City on March 18, 2016.

  • Kateryn McReynolds

    Catalyze Courage LA, 2015

    "Judith and her team are incredible; they have helped my Student Council and I come closer to each other and to our goals. It excites us all that through their generosity, many young women are able to experience what my fellow peers and I have-- a discovery of ourselves and of each other, a strengthening of our characters, and new-found courage. I am so excited to be a more courageous me for myself and for others, and I'm going to start by taking what I've learned and sharing it with my school."


    Courageous Update!: Since participating in the Summit, Kateryn became the Student Body President of her high school and has recently been accepted to Princeton University for the Fall of 2016! Congratulations Kateryn! The InHerShoes Team is so proud of you!

    Khephra Shaw-Meredith

    Catalyze Courage SF, 2016

    "I recently attended the In Her Shoes conference as a student in San Francisco on Mar. 12, 2016. I am thankful so much for the opportunity and for all the time spent planning to help me be 1% more courageous. I was really inspired by all of the speakers that came. All of the women and men that were there made me feel like I can accomplish anything and I should never give up on my dreams. I will never forget that day and what it means to #CatalyzeCourage. I'll never be the same."