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    We at InHerShoes believe some of the best learning happens outside the classroom. Even more so, when the learning expands your perspective. We've created an internship experience to foster exactly that. We create internship opportunities for college students and high school seniors.


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    Looking to get involved? Volunteer at one of our upcoming events, work on a special project, or block off your weekend an join us at our upcoming summit. There's a place and space for everyone at InHerShoes.


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    This is a corner you want to be in. Catalyst Corner is the collection of InHerShoes women who are the living example of our mission. We are committed to empowering each girl to confidently define for themselves what it means to be a successful woman in this day and age. In doing so, we bring together a cohort of Catalysts every year - professional women with breakthrough performance in what can be considered "unconventional" pathways to success. Our Catalysts set the tone for each summit, and provide a living, breathing example of what it means to be "in her shoes" - a catalyst for courage.


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    Have something to share? An expert in a given field? Have an idea you want to present? Want a platform to do it? This is for you. Each summit offers a set of workshops to cater to both high school students and professional women. From Instagram Marketing, to Finding a Mentor; Staying Organized to Networking toward What You Want, our workshops offer a wide array of content and creative ways to be 1% more courageous in the real world. Find your resources, or your next biggest fan at our workshops. CatalyzeCourage Summit 2016 Workshop topics will be released come Winter.


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  • Kateryn reynolds

    student, catalyze courage la

    "Judith and her team are incredible; they have helped my Student Council and I come closer to each other and to our goals. It excites us all that through their generosity, many young women are able to experience what my fellow peers and I have-- a discovery of ourselves and of each other, a strengthening of our characters, and new-found courage. I am so excited to be a more courageous me for myself and for others, and I'm going to start by taking what I've learned and sharing it with my school."


    Courageous Update!: Since participating in the Summit, Kateryn became the Student Body President of her high school and has recently been accepted to Princeton University for the Fall of 2016! Congratulations Kateryn! The InHerShoes Team is so proud of you!

    Khephra Shaw-Meredith

    student, catalyze Courage SF

    "I recently attended the In Her Shoes conference as a student in San Francisco on Mar. 12, 2016. I am thankful so much for the opportunity and for all the time spent planning to help me be 1% more courageous. I was really inspired by all of the speakers that came. All of the women and men that were there made me feel like I can accomplish anything and I should never give up on my dreams. I will never forget that day and what it means to #CatalyzeCourage.  I'll never be the same."

    Ej Bautista


    "InHerShoes was (and still is) something I loved telling my friends I was involved in. I was exposed to new places and people that opened my eyes to what young girls like myself are capable of. As an intern I gained valuable relationships, networking skills, and the confidence to be the best version of me I can be. No matter how far I wander, InHerShoes will forever remind me that I'm a Girl Boss who can do anything!"

    Jazmin Bueno


    "InHerShoes has helped me catalyze courage within myself. This mission was definitely yielded through being able to have the opportunity to communicate with boss lady entrepreneurs and it allowed me to apply these skills to my everyday life. Through this experience, I learned how to be courageous in MY shoes!"

    rohullah latif


    "As a volunteer, I felt inspired and honored to be part of such a movement. As a brother, whose little sister was attending the event, I could see the excitement in her eyes and of every young woman's at that event. That day was a pivotal moment and will continue to motivate the future women leaders of our time. I'm just glad to have been a part of it."

    jennifer puno

    founder, made with map/ilovecreatives

    "Getting to really have the time to listen and have REAL talk with the girls is what I loved best about being a speaker at the Summit. After talking to a lot of the girls, I realized that they are getting the same "higher education" talk. Just to be able to say to someone what I actually think about life (in retrospect) is a fantastic feeling. I've been in contact with one of the girls and she constantly asks me about college. These girls had so many questions, being able to help answer them was great."

    Jordan Jones

    Founder, Packed Party

    "Working with InHerShoes was truly such an amazing experience from start to finish. I honestly think I might have benefitted more from so many of the young women I met than they may have benefitted from hearing my story of starting Packed Party. They all really inspired me in some of the group discussions afterward. Sharing, connecting, and being a part of something so empowering was really special. InHerShoes is doing big things and I'm so honored I was able to play a small part in the fun!"

    Joanna Waterfall

    Founder, the yellow conference

    "My time as a speaker at InHerShoes left me feeling nothing but inspired. Inspired to see that there are young women in the world who want to learn. They are working hard, they are creative, and they have what it takes. Inspired to see that events like this exist, tailored to these ladies, created just for them, to meet them where they are at . Lastly, I was inspired to see such amazing, talented speakers give their time to further the greater good and invest in the lives of these young women. It was an amazing experience I'll take with me for years to come!"